Servicio Marítimo Guardia Civil

Civil Guard as a body of public security and national military nature, is part of the Forces of State Security.

It depends on two ministries. On the one hand, the Ministry of Interior as referred to aa service, remuneration, destinations and media. On the other hand, it depends on the Defense announcement was made regarding promotions and military missions.

Among its missions is to ensure the protection of citizens against criminal acts that may threaten them and preserve their safety.

is also among its missions the attention and assistance to citizens through collaboration with Civil Protection services, traffic monitoring, nature protection, rescue and relief in mountain and territorial sea and, in short, any action leading to help, support and protection of citizens.

The Civil Guard in Dénia (Alicante) aims, like the rest of barracks, a security be close to the citizen and is guided by values ​​of personal nature that have become her hallmark.

The Civil Guard has more than 2.000 facilities throughout the country and a total of more than 80.000 effective to meet the work entrusted to them.

Intervention arms

The functions of the Civil Guard is the intervention of arms and explosives areas. Dénia, this body is governed by the provincial unit Guardia Civil, dependent region.

Address in Dénia

The Civil Guard barracks in Dénia is located on Avenida de Gandia and your phone number 27 96 578 00 is the 37.

Guardia Civil Dénia


Avenida de Gandia, 27 -

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  1. Fransciso Olaso Masquefa says:

    Attn ITV

    Subject: Manipulation of tachograph.

    Companies international transport of SAFOR drivers put a magnet on the gearbox where the cable tachograph is to drive and the tachograph mark as if paused, the magnet is usually small speakers that put the termination tachograph cable located in the gearbox mark as if paused, which is no international transport drivers 14 or 15 leading daily hours endangering road safety and outwitting traffic wardens. Nor do the weekly rest is 45 hours thereby pose a danger to road safety. With magnet since the tachograph does not count the kilometers which pass the ITVs less kilometers of real, this magnet is usually hidden in the bottom of the cable from the gearbox to not be visible go.

    The list of companies that manipulate tachographs in the region of SAFOR are as follows;

    • COSOTRANS 46780 - OLIVA P.Ind. Brosquil, Alicante road.
    • COLD-SAFOR 46780 - OLIVA C / Alcalde Juan Sancho.
    • INTER XUQUER SL 46614 - FAVARA C / Lepanto s / n
    • JUAN JOSÉ FORRAT 46780 - OLIVA Camí de les Cayanes s / n
    • ORFITRANS 46711 - MIRAMAR P.Ind. Les Vinyes.
    • TRANSAFOR 46700 - GANDIA P.Ind. Alcodar.
    • TRANS-BERT 46700 -. GANDÍA Vall D'Albaida Av s / n
    • TRANSPORT 46790 EDGES - XERESA P.Ind. Servana s / n
    • TRANSPORT 46780 Taleia - OLIVA Camí de les Cayanes s / n
    • TRANS-ROCAMAR 46790 - XERESA P.Ind. Llanterners, 4
    • TRANS-VERNISA 46770 - XERACO Round Bruguieres s / n
    • Valdigna LONGISTIC 46791 - BENIFARIÓ OF VALLDIGNA Av de la Valldigna..
    • VICENTE COLOMAR 46780 - OLIVA P.Ind. Brosquil, Pego road.

    Workshops install a switch to the tachograph pause play up are as follows;

    • ELECTRICITY SOLER 46727 - REAL DE GANDIA Real P.Ind./Av Pau, 10.
    • Tarrasó - MARTI 46700 - GANDIA P.Ind. Alcodar.
    • VICENTE FERRAIRO SL 46727 DAF - REAL DE GANDIA Real P.Ind / Av, 30.

    Best regards.

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