Ginestar Group returns to the activity with special protocols to guarantee safety

May 18 from 2020 - 09: 18

Renault Ginestar and Honda Ginestar Dénia They resume their activity, together with the rest of Grupo Ginestar dealers in the provinces of Alicante and Valencia. Grupo Ginestar presents special offers and advantages in its four brands: Renault, Dacia, Honda and Maxus. All their vehicles will be disinfected with ozone and they will also offer this service to their customers.

Grupo Ginestar, with a presence in the provinces of Valencia (Pista de Silla, Torrent, Sueca, Alzira, Xàtiva and Gandia) and Alicante (Dénia and Benissa), resumes the activity to offer its customers all its services. To do so with the maximum guarantees for clients and employees, they have established a strict security protocol present in all business processes (from their workshop, through sales and after-sales service, as well as in insurance brokerage). These protection measures are validated by the employers in the sector and comply with the recommendations set by the Government regarding security.

Request your appointment

In order to guarantee compliance with special measures, Grupo Ginestar makes available to its customers an exclusive appointment service through which you can access a reservation for any of the services offered by the group.
In this way, customers must make their reservation by contacting the department of their interest:

  • Workshop Department: Calling 965 730 183 or through https://www.ginestar.com/pide-tu-cita/
  • Sales Department: Calling 965 730 183 or through https://www.ginestar.com/contacto/
  • Insurance Brokerage: Calling 608 110 512 or through https://www.ginestar.com/ginestar-correduria/

The previous appointment is not only recommended, but at this time it is necessary to access the Sales and Workshop services.

Security measures

Throughout these weeks, Grupo Ginestar has prepared and activated all the necessary measures to offer the client who comes to its facilities all the tranquility they need at the moment. Clients are recommended to use digital channels whenever possible to avoid going to the facilities if not necessary. In addition, it is recalled that the safety distance of a minimum of two meters is essential and mandatory in its centers. Before accessing them, all visitors will have at their disposal hydro-alcoholic disinfectant gel, as well as gloves and masks. It is advisable to bring your own pen to all clients. They have deployed a whole plan of new procedures for conducting vehicle tests and demonstrations that will be communicated to the interested client at the time of making the appointment. Furthermore, the facilities, courtesy cars, exhibition and test cars, are sanitized with ozone (the only treatment that guarantees 99% effective removal of fungus, bacteria, viruses and protozoa). All these measures are part of a complete guide that is available at: https://www.ginestar.com/landing/protocolo-seguridad-clientes/

Special situations, special advantages

At Grupo Ginestar they are convinced that the unusualness of this situation requires special measures to offer all customers advantages and offers that may benefit them in the purchase of their new vehicle. During these weeks, Ginestar has implemented new channels of communication with the client through which, and 100% online, its team of commercial advisers are in direct contact with the client to respond to their needs (send them the best offer appropriate to your preferences, make personalized videos to show them the vehicle of your interest in detail, answer all your questions, send them quotes via email or instant messaging, among other actions).

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