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From 8 a.m. to 13:30 p.m. and from 16:00 p.m. to 22:00 p.m.
Training, Early Childhood
Image: Escolanova Children's Playroom

Escolanova It is a space for learning and creativity where the child is the main protagonist. In this space, we find 4 different learning corners: the reading corner, the art corner, the sensory corner, the construction corner and symbolic play.

It is the only children's playroom and children's center in Dénia and its surroundings, which encourages active pedagogy and creates learning groups made up of girls and boys of different ages. It is an inclusive space, since it accepts children with ADHD and autism spectrum and is adapted to both 2-year-old boys and 7-year-old boys and girls.

It is a space that should be exemplified in the conventional school, where real learning, values ​​and cooperation go hand in hand. Escolanova pays special attention to the Education in values, emotional education and conflict resolution to recreate and enhance the empathy, autonomy and social relationships of students in the middle of the egocentric stage.

Summer School 2020

Summer school has fun, stimulating and active activities both in the morning and in the afternoon. The little ones will be able to enjoy yoga sessions, art, native English, stages, storytelling, challenges, mime, cinema with Indian tepees ...

At Escolanova they are committed to an educational quality for the little one, where it is important to learn to socialize, empathize and have fun. Furthermore, they advocate close communication with mothers and fathers.

The rates are monthly, so that there is a follow-up of the child and his / her achievements, it is essential to compile a photographic and bibliographic collection of the learning results of the girl and / or the boy.

The ratio is reduced to 12 children in the play area due to COVID, they have twice the space of a conventional classroom, new and active materials (they have various solutions), ecological and recycled.

You can see here Summer School hours.

Escolanova's methodology

Various active pedagogies are advocated: Reggio, Montessori and Waldorf. Reggio Emilia schools are considered the best nursery schools in the world and Loris Malaguzzi is the highest representative of Reggian pedagogy.

Escolanova bases the methodological bases on Reggian pedagogy, thus adapting the sensory corner with Reggian materials and toys: light tables with their corresponding materials, overhead projector and sensory trays. In addition, it has materials from Montessori pedagogy, they are sensory materials, with textures and self-correcting where the child draws her own conclusions.

The children's playroom is a space where the child is the teacher. The child is autonomous, he knows how to take off his shoes alone, what happens is that it takes 15 seconds longer than the adult, it is all a matter of time. Thus, the child performs her routines remedomously and the teacher is always there to help. In addition, autonomy is encouraged in learning spaces, for example, in the art corner, when children finish their works, both the two-year-old and the six-year-old boy leave their works in the drying area. and they are going to wash their hands.

In Escolanova they have morning and afternoon schedules, a courtesy half hour at the entrance and exit of the collection. They are committed to emotional and social well-being and want parents and their children not to be stressed by rush or complications at work. Thus, they always offer you half an hour to socialize, play a little more or breathe. Education should be organized in a flexible way, without restrictive measures of hours, subjects or cards.

More information at the email info@escolanova.es or by phone 623035757.


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