It is time to protect your pet from parasites with Santi Mas - Services for pets

May 04 from 2020 - 10: 13

Spring is in all its splendor, and with it come annoying and undesirable parasites, which can make life impossible for your pet, and very importantly, that can also affect humans. In Santi Mas - Pet Services They have everything they need to avoid this suffering: protect them from fleas, ticks and other enemies. Take advantage of their offers and discounts on antiparasitic products of all brands: Advantix, Seresto, Scalibor, Effitix.

Fleas and ticks cause a lot of discomfort in your dog, you will see it in his restlessness. In addition, they can transmit diseases. Furthermore, in Santi Mas They have all the necessary security measures in place to provide you with a dog grooming service. If your pet needs it, call 966421907 and make an appointment.

Santi Mas - Services for pets is on Federico García Lorca street, in front of the courts.

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