The PP asks to create a library with memories and experiences of the elderly in Dénia

13 September 2021 - 10: 34

The popular of Dénia have presented a motion to the City Council in which they request to carry out the creation and implementation of "the Library of the memory of uses and customs of our elders."

It is an initiative that, according to the party, seeks to value, collect, disseminate and preserve the historical and cultural heritage found in the experiences and memories of the elderly in the city of Dénia. "Such information, transmitted orally or based on unpublished documents, has to be processed in order to be preserved and consulted."

With this Library of Memory they assure that it will be possible to expand the local collection of Dénia through the stories told by citizens of the city; preserve the memory of everyday life and the customs and habits of the elderly, avoiding the loss of experiences in a couple of generations; facilitate local research studies; and improve relations between generations. "Young people who interview older people discover different ways of living and thinking and, likewise, older people value being listened to," they point out from the PP, suggesting that "through conversation and knowledge a greater respect and tolerance between people is achieved".

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