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The miracle of photobiodynamic therapy at Clínica Doctora Flores de Apodaca

19 September 2019 - 13: 11

During the summer our skin is exposed to the sun continuously, which can cause the appearance of spots. This and other skin conditions, such as acne, pigmentation, rosacea or photoaging, have an easy solution thanks to the excellent results of photobiodynamic therapy, a novel and miraculous treatment what does it offer Doctor Flores de Apodaca Clinic. In addition, it is an effective and painless therapy.

Photobiodynamic therapy is a non-invasive technique and is based on the stimulation, regeneration and repair of the skin, from the combination of the device PhotoAge and the products Skin ox. PhotoAge It is the first customizable low power laser light mask (LLLT), which helps activate stem cells and allows an increase in tissue repair and healing. Skin ox It is a range of photodynamic products that are activated with the mask's low power laser light PhotoAge.

The combination of the color of the light with the products, allows to treat different skin conditions. Induces collagen and elastin synthesis Cell regeneration and has anti-inflammatory effect. Can also have bacteriological effect, sebum regulator and keratorregulator actionto. Eliminates stains because it inhibits the synthesis of melanin.

How is the treatment performed?

The treatment consists of sessions scheduled in the clinic. In each session a peeling superficial, followed by the application of a serum that is activated with laser light, so the mask is then placed, allowing the product to penetrate your skin, and then continue with a home treatment kit, which will reinforce and help complete the therapy

How many sessions must be done?

Taking into account the different pathologies (spots, acne, rosacea or photoaging) have organized different session packs. To achieve the best results according to the treatment protocols, a minimum of 4 sessions are recommended. They are specialized in the treatment of acne and blemishes, for this they have different treatment packs, in which they combine photobiodynamic therapy with other very effective treatments. The PRP mesotherapy (platelet rich plasma) and micropunctions (Dermapen) using specific products for the control of these lesions, combined with photobiodynamic therapy allow magnificent results after several sessions.

In Clínica Doctora Flores de Apodaca they help you achieve a luminous, healthy and beautiful skin. Take advantage of their offers and find out without obligation in the clinic, by email or by phone! They are in Patricio Ferrándiz 86 street, local 2.

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