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The Hospital of Dénia hosts the photo exhibition 'Archipelagos'

Start date: 10 January 2019
Finish date: March 10 2019
Event type: Exposition
The venue : CuidArt Room (Dénia Hospital)
Opening times: All day
Appetizers: Free
Event finished

The CiudArt room Hospital de Dénia welcomes, until the next March 10, the photographic exhibition of Ire Lenes from Madrid, Archipelagos.

The work has been carried out in the Naujoji neighborhood of the Lithuanian city of Vilnius; in appearance, an oasis of ethnic coexistence and integration model but, the more it deepens, the more ghetto it seems. According to the author, the archipelagos are characterized by being united by what separates them: water. This is how this neighborhood works, like an archipelago, with Russian being what unites them and what separates them.

Ire Lenes received the 2017 award in DKV Scholarship of the Photography and Journalism Seminar of Albarracín. She is a documentary photographer in Madrid, where she lives and works. She is a sociologist by profession and trained in the new documentary and contemporary landscape at the PICA school in Alcobendas.

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