Creama faces the new edition of Erasmus + and presents the first one for students of higher degrees and university

November 13 from 2020 - 12: 24

One more year, and after the success of the previous edition, Creama has launched the Erasmus + program "European Mobility FP in the Marina Alta 2nd Edition" through which 16 students from the region will be able to enjoy a co-financed international experience by UE and CREAMA itself.

On November 11, the first meeting was held, via telematics, between Creama and the 7 Institutes of Secondary Education of Marina Alta that offer training cycles of Middle Level Professional Training, to coordinate the actions to be developed within the framework of the project, which leads and coordinates CREAMA through which 16 students from the Secondary Education centers of the Marina Alta and students from the certificates of professionalism of the Marina Alta IX Employment Workshops that the consortium is developing, will enjoy a mobility period of 3 months of duration in one of the participating countries: Italy, Portugal and the Czech Republic; with the purpose of enriching their academic experience, at the same time as reinforcing their professional training by undertaking a training period abroad, with the advantages and personal enrichment that this implies.

After the success of the previous edition, Creama did not want to miss the opportunity to continue offering this opportunity to the students of the Marina Alta.

During the month of November, the Creama team will visit the participating HEIs, whose involvement is fundamental, to explain to the students the great opportunity of participating in this experience and to clarify all doubts regarding the program.

The deadline for the dissemination of the program and selection of the participants will take place during the months of November to January so that the selected people can enjoy this experience throughout 2021.

Presentation of the first ERASMUS + K103 program for college and university students

After filming and the satisfactory experience acquired by CREAMA as coordinator of the ERASMUS + program aimed at students of Middle Degree Cycles and Certificates of Professionalism, which was carried out during 2018-2019, the entity has opted to continue offering European mobility opportunities , in this case to students of Higher Degree Cycles and University Degrees.

In this new ERASMUS +, as in the previous edition, CREAMA leads and coordinates the project and they are part of it as partners: IES Nº 1 de Xàbia, IES María Ibars de Dénia and the UNED Dénia.

In order to participate in this project, it was an essential requirement that the educational centers had the Carta Eche processed, for this reason, more IES in the region that offer Higher Degree Cycles have not been able to take part.

This program offers 10 mobilities for 90 days in European companies of the field corresponding to the specialties of the Higher Cycles and the University Degrees of the participating educational centers.
This week, the first kick-off meeting in which the project was presented, the calendar of actions, the bases that will regulate the process of selection of candidatures have been held at the regional headquarters of CREAMA, as well as other aspects were reached by consensus among all participants and some doubts were dispelled.

From now on, the CREAMA technical team will travel to the different participating educational centers to offer informative talks to all students who want to participate in this program, to encourage them and have all the necessary information to participate.

The deadline for submitting an application will be from November 30 to December 6 and informational talks will have been previously held where both what the program consists of and how to participate will have been explained in detail.

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