Get radiant, wrinkle-free skin this holiday season with this center's summer promotion

07 July 2022 - 10: 46

With the arrival of summer, do you want to show off great skin, but those annoying Wrinkles facials won't let you do it? With the LPG treatment Endermologie de Center Fisiobioestètic you'll be able to get rid of them quickly and painlessly so you can boast perfect, wrinkle-free skin this holiday.

Machine LPG Endermologie It has motorized rollers that massage and reaffirm the skin of your face in a natural y effective, providing luminosity and anti-aging effects from the first session.

El Center Fisiobioestètic treatment It is personalized and adapts to each patient, taking into account the sensitivity of the skin, age, the objectives to be achieved and the number of recommended sessions, since not having more sessions will give you better results.

If you think that this treatment suits your needs and you want to rejuvenate your appearance to enjoy your holidays with total freedom, take advantage of the summer promotion of Center Fisiobioestètic and don't wait any longer: for each bonus purchased, you will get 2 free sessions.

El LPG treatment Endermologie It serves both men and women, so take advantage of the offer of Center FisiobioestèticMake an appointment for your first session and get the skin you've always dreamed of.

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