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January 21 from 2015 - 00: 00


En Fisiosalut They know very well how important it is to take care, so I propose that this 2015 and regales regales you both health and beauty.

And in Fisiosalut They think of you, so we offer a wide range in relaxing and therapeutic treatments, where you will find the perfect balance between body, mind and spirit.


foot massage in which the body is balanced pressures in the different reflex zones of the feet.

aromatherapy massage

Massage on the back, face and head with essential oils that combines techniques of Swedish massage, neuromuscular and shiatsu.

Massage with Chinese spheres

Vibrational massage balance.

Ayurveda massage

  • Pinda Sveda: massage with bags of cotton seed mix specially formulated for your Dosha.
  • Abhianga: massage with personalized Indian oils for your Dosha

QI massage

Rebalances the energy of your body

Massage expecting a (pregnant)

relaxing massage adapted to each of the gestational stages in which the mother is found.

And to take care of your beauty, learn from their comprehensive plans beauty by Maria Galland Paris.

Facials treatments

Facial Cleansing, sensitive skin, acne, hydration, vitamin C light flash effect; infinitiblanc treatment, which balances pigmentation marks and rejuvenates the skin.

To achieve firmness Profilift treatment; to regenerate skin, caviar and intensive anti-aging treatment.


Ask for the dermatologic system and intensive treatment to rebalance your skin, or treatment Mille luxury with 24 gold karat white truffle and peptides.

And if you are looking for cell regeneration, facials test Indiba to rejuvenate the face, revitalizing the skin and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Moreover, in Fisiosalut you have at your disposal virtual mesotherapy treatments and treatments for men.

Body treatments

With Indiba you can shape your silhouette, fight cellulite, reduce volume, reaffirm your chest and achieve overall wellness.

With the pressotherapy improves your tired legs, bad circulation and get mold them. And also, photoepilation and cavitation.

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