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With Red Cross, «On the road-Love you very much» (II)

21 July 2011 - 10: 53

Red Cross continues to warn of the risks we run, especially in the summer months, if we do not make good use of our motor vehicle with which we circulate. Many accidents can be avoided if we all do our part and we adopt a series of measures in which the driver, the occupants, even the vehicle itself take part.

Drivers of motorcycles and mopeds should know that Full-face helmets are the best life insurance and that it is worth buying a homologated helmet that must be changed by hitting it. This way we will make sure that in case of an accident the helmet complies with its effectiveness and prevents us from serious injuries.

The driver of a car must take into account first of all that the consumption of alcohol or drugs multiplies by 100 the risk of suffering an accident. With the maximum allowed alcohol rate (0,3 g / liter for professionals and novice drivers, and 0,5 g / liter for veterans) it already conditions driving and increases the chances of having or causing a traffic accident with fatalities.

A second warning that must be addressed by the main user of the vehicle is that the confusions by apparatuses like the car radio or the mobile phone also increase the risks behind the wheel. The latter causes the driver in a state in which he thinks he perceives in the same way and the same signals as when driving without having a conversation through the device. The reality is very different.

The same goes with fatigue. You stop working as you would with a clear mind. Thus, It is advisable to rest on long journeys every two hours or the metric equivalent, that is, 200 km. If the journey is short, it is not advisable to rest, but that does not mean that we should lower our guard. Sometimes we tend to ignore the signals of the environment because our brain already knows the place and we assume that we are going to predict everything that has to happen but it is not like that.

As a last recommendation, referring both to city and road, we must pay close attention to pedestrians, especially children and the elderly, as well as to the vehicles of our environment to be able to keep with them a correct safety distance that should be greater the worse the state of the road through which we circulate.

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