Compromís per Dénia asks to urge the Government of Spain to create a public energy company

January 21 from 2021 - 13: 13

Compromís per Dénia has presented a motion in the City Council before the alarming rise of 27% in the price of electricity, urging the Government of Spain to stop energy speculation by controlling the price of electricity and gas, and more, given the economic and health crisis.

The price of electricity has suffered a great rise in the first days of 2021, "Especially perverse because it coincides with the cold wave caused by the storm Filomena that has devastated the entire territory of the State, including the Valencià Country", has explained Rafa Carrió, municipal spokesman.

“These days we have all needed more energy consumption and energy companies have taken advantage of this, which, it must be remembered, not only benefit from citizens' money directly from their bill, but also through public money through subsidies and aid to the sector, they are therefore dependent on the State and public coffers ", said the mayor.

For this reason, public administrations are asked to study the viability of creating a public energy company that favors competition in the sector and benefits consumers, as well as further reinforcing policies to promote photovoltaic self-consumption, distributed generation and the local Energy Communities.

In addition, the current second vice president of the Government, from the opposition, made it clear at the time that the Government can prevent this type of disproportionate increases, and regulate the price or part of it. At the beginning of the month, Joan Baldoví and Carles Mulet, representatives of Compromís in Congress and in the Senate, respectively, already denounced this unjustified rise and recalled that the government does have the ability to regulate the rise. "It is, then, the moment to keep the word and put an end to this speculation that throws thousands of family economies into energy poverty".

  1. Jose luis says:

    Another chiringuito more, to boss us around and place their friends, I am against it, the state must be an administrator and not a businessman, they themselves are privatizing all companies, because they are unable to manage them, any state company does not work, Other people's gunpowder and it does not serve more k to place their friends. Tell me a company that is managed by the state, and it works, I don't know it.

  2. genoveva says:

    VERY WELL !!!!!! Too much time has already been wasted ignoring the sun's ability to save us from an embarrassing bill.
    Other countries, without sun as in Spain, bet on solar energy but also on houses built with maximum energy care. Everything arrives …… and we will arrive !!!!!!!!!!!!!