How to show off radiant skin all year round with Castelblanque Aesthetic Clinic

07 September 2020 - 08: 00

Look in the mirror and make you love what you see. Renew yourself, feel good and improve the aspects that you have always wanted to change. In Aesthetic Clinic Castelblanque they offer you very good results with all the guarantees and the confidence of a cutting-edge center. Here we explain what some of the most demanded and effective facial treatments consist of.

Get a very natural lifting effect with tensioning threads

Are you afraid to give your face more volume? Don't worry, the tensioning thread treatment is ideal for heavier faces, because it gives you an effect facelift without adding volume. Improve your facial oval and the look of heaviness with this simple technique.

Cleanse your skin of summer creams with a hydration peel

These months we have accumulated a lot of dirt from protective creams and also from sweating. Peeling helps us cleanse the skin, restore its shine and give it a fresh appearance. In addition, if you are thinking of removing facial spots with a laser in the coming months, you must first prepare the skin with a peel and with home creams.

Hyaluronic Acid Facial Rejuvenation

Say goodbye to dark circles, plump up your face or give your lips volume. Hyaluronic acid always offers very good results: it firms the skin and has an enormous capacity to retain hydration. As the years go by we lose our natural ability to produce it, which is why an extra contribution is so beneficial.

If you want to bet on your beauty with one of these treatments, visit Castelblanque Aesthetic Clinic. They are at Marqués de Campo 46, 4th floor, door 9. Contact at 96 642 15 49.

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