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Pou Colegio de la Muntanya

Brief History

The 18 1976 October opened in Dénia then national college Pou de la Muntanya, whose first director was Rafael Marsal Armell.

Opening of school Pou de la Muntanya

In 1977, and by order of MINISTRY, local character is given a capacity for students 640, 16 EGB units, a kindergarten and special education. Later that same year the school becomes mixed.

Pou de la Muntanya school was the first center to perform Dénia Valencian education to promote students 1982. The line in Valencia was officially recognized by the Ministry in the year 1990.

In 1994 the second cycle of children was implemented and three years later the computer program was implemented at school.

Currently the school has 12 primary education units and six units of early childhood education, with a total number of students in 415.

Center facilities

Early childhood students are located in "El Rodat", a building located on Avenida de Alicante that has six classrooms, a psychomotor class, a multipurpose classroom, playground and playground.

Elementary students studying in the main building on Avenue Montgo. In it they have 13 classrooms with tutorials, three sports courts and playground, a small gym and locker rooms, a computer room, a classroom of plastic and technology, a music room, library, classroom therapeutic pedagogy, classroom and hearing language, religion classroom and school canteen.

Pou Colegio de la Muntanya

escoles Matineres

The public school and Primary Education Pou de la Muntanya Denia offers Escoles Matineres service, which allows parents to leave children at school from 7: 45 and is offered by the school AMPA.

Center hours

The school Pou de la Muntanya offers the Friday of each week from 12: 30 13 to: 30, tutorial schedule must be arranged in advance.

The management team of the center serves appointment. The headteacher is open Monday through Friday from 9: 00 10 to: 00 and Fridays also 12: 30 13 to: 30.

If what you want is to talk to the psychologist, his primary schedule is Mondays and Thursdays from 9 to 13: 30 childhood education and Fridays at the same time. Always by appointment.

Phone and address

The school management Pou de la Muntanya is Avenida del Montgó 20. The primary contact phone 96 642 88 is the 05 and child, the 616 51 49 77.


Avenida del Montgó, 20 -

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