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Colegio Paidos

Brief History

History Colegio Paidos It dates back to 1969, when a total of 30 students premiered daycare facilities Bambi. After checking the acceptance of families in this new teaching method, seven years later, in 1976, the Colegio Paidos was inaugurated.

Patio del Colegio Paidos

Those initial 30 760 now students are currently studying child and secondary education, primary at the center.

Courses offered

Paidos school students can study at the center from the cycle of children (from 3 years) to high (15 years). This center is not especilizado in special education, but it reinforces to students with special needs and learning difficulties if needed.


The Paidos school is divided into two large buildings and different patios.

The primary building has three floors and these are the primary school classrooms, gym, services, library, secretarial staff room, offices, dining rooms, language laboratories, classrooms splitting, music room and workshop technology.

Language Lab School of Paidos

The school building consists of classrooms, services, science lab, audiovisual room, information and guidance.

The center occupies an area of ​​8.000 square meters with several playgrounds and sports courts for basketball, handball, racquetball and soccer.


Students attend class 9: 15 12 to: 30 and 9 primary: 15 13 to: 30 / 14: 00 hours in high school. afternoon classes are 15: 15 to 17: 00 hours for both cycles.

The secretariat serves parents every day from 9: 00 14 to: 00 hours.

Phone and address

Paidos School is located in Pou de la Muntanya Street, 12, and its telephone number is 965782906.


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