Clinica Doctora Flores de Apodaca explains how to eat healthy during quarantine

20 March 2020 - 08: 00

These days we are out of our routine, in a strange environment and struggling to handle the situation of isolation in the best possible way. In Doctor Flores de Apodaca Clinic They are aware of how much changes in habits can affect our diet. Therefore, they offer you these healthy guidelines, so that none of this alters your metabolism, your weight or your mood.

Eat in a relaxed atmosphere

Try to take your time and be aware of what you eat, really taste and know your food and how much you eat. This calm is very important to decrease compulsive and emotional intake.

Don't have unhealthy food at home

It is the best way not to eat them. Cut back on foods high in fat or sugar, and don't store food that tempts you or that even afterward you finally don't eat and end up in the trash. These days can be a good time to check your fridge and pantry.

Eat five meals a day and include plenty of fruit and vegetables

Try to make breakfast, lunch, lunch, snack and dinner. It is recommended to eat every 3 or 4 hours, in a balanced way and in a small amount, so the insulin curve does not change and we do not force our pancreas to overwork. And if in these intakes there are at least three servings of fruit and two of vegetables, you will be putting vitamins, minerals and "clean" energy into your body.

Don't forget about protein for your muscles

Eat a portion of protein (meat, egg, fish, or seafood) at least in the two main meals, preferably at dinner. Proteins are the nutrients of our muscles.

Practical advice to know the proportions without having to weigh the food:

If you don't like weighing food at all, follow this strategy. Divide the plate into three parts:

  • Half will go to vegetables. both raw and cooked.
  • A quarter of a plate should be protein.
  • The other quarter of a plate will be carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, potatoes or bread.
  • And for dessert, the best is always fruit.

En Doctor Flores de Apodaca Clinic they want to do their bit to help you spend your stay at home in health and beauty. For this reason, in addition to talking about nutrition, they advise you to do a little flexibility, aerobic or strength exercise. This way you will get to feel good and come out of this situation renewed or renewed. Remember: #StayEnCasa. Much encouragement to all!

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