Social center

C / Calderon 4
96 642 61 65

Summer schedule:
8.15 21 to working from h.
Saturdays and Sundays from 10 to 13 and 17 22 to h.

Auditorium Theater, Pensioners, Café

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  1. joanet says:

    Les tickets per the cocert of Raimon are for sale per .jo instantiket em vaig asabentar of casualitat per that vaig Anar to the house of culture hi i havia publicitat .co.uk en l'unic lloc I vist on estava anunciat i quant in vaig connect nomes vaig to buy a ticket to a raco del galliner to hores d'ara the month Segur is that estiguen esgotades. Per vist what they have repartit tickets between amiguets i els have posat for sale nomes them not vullgut ningu sense fer publicitat or res

  2. Maria says:

    jo també com volia know pel buy concert tickets Raimon. perque També no hi has a page valencià per accedir the teatre.

  3. Fina says:

    Hi. Volia Sabé on puc Buy entradesper them proper Fara Raimon concert day 8 d'October.
    Resposta hope. Moltes Gracies.

  4. empar says:

    Hello! Volia informació on proper concert will donate the teatre Raimon seu, sobretot volia know quan is posen to the band or poden book them tickets. Moltes gràcies wait resposta ha that m'agradaria buy them tickets to Regal com mon cumpleanys stop. Moltes gràcies, adéu !!

  5. joanet says:

    Where and when can you buy the tickets for the Raimon concert on October 8 day and at what price?

  6. Attaoufik says:

    Hello a question you can find an apartment rental in social center of Denia.?

  7. Aurora Domínguez says:

    Good morning, I wanted to tell me how to get tickets to see ARA MALIKIAN.

    • inma says:

      hello, I called and was told that only sold in the social center. we live in Alicante and we would like to buy them in advance online so if you know you appreciate more information

  8. maria jesus says:

    It is a community center with much activity and variety the same for children than for adults
    Very well organized and well attended

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