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28 March 2016 - 09: 48

According to the National Statistics Institute (INE), this is the population in Dénia dated January 1 2015:

  • Men: 20.290
  • Women: 21.263
  • Total population: 41.553 inhabitants

Despite what it may seem, this is not the highest number of inhabitants, the city has had since the year 2010 44.498 inhabitants were recorded, which represented an increase of more than 14.000 people in the city since 2000, 30.693 when inhabitants were recorded.

Evolution of the population in Dénia - Alicante Provincial Council

That brutal rise was due largely to immigration that came to the city in search of job opportunities and the decline suffered years after also blames the escape of some of these immigrants when the economic crisis began in Spain.

Foreign population in Dénia

INE data indicate that, according to the latest census recorded (January 1 2015), the population of foreigners in Dénia is 9.146, 4.491 of which are men and women are 4.655. Of this total, 6.406 are of European origin, highlighting the German colony, with 1.192 inhabitants in the city; followed by the British (964 inhabitants) and Romania (937 inhabitants).

Dénia from the castle

Fourthly the Moroccan population is having in Dénia 2015 505 total population, and the growing Russian colony, with 456 inhabitants in the city. Behind them they lie Bulgaria and Colombia, with 450 inhabitants respectively.

Check here table nationalities in Dénia 2015.

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