CEDMA proposes to create a working committee with mayors and technicians on the Train de la Costa

18 July 2017 - 00: 45

El Business Cercle Marina Alta Has sent this morning a letter to the president of the Xarxa d'alcaldes of the Marina Alta, Vicent Grimalt, In which he asked that this "Assume the role of generator of a debate, clearly essential at this time, on the layout and locations of the stations of the Coast Train".

The request is made at the request of the agreements made at the recent meeting of the Board of Directors of CEDMA "proposes to convene a Work Commission integrated not only by mayors, but also by technicians specialized in the field and representatives of the different groups of society in this region".

The president, Sonja Dietz, States in this letter that a working committee within the Xarxa "It would be the ideal forum for a debate that must take place internally, with the information that experts can provide and the participation of all social sectors; but always from the clear vision that the Train of the Coast is an urgent need for the prosperous development of the region ".

The entrepreneurs ask the Xarxa to show unity on this issue, since "considers the unity of mayors in a historical demand for an infrastructure that is obviously necessary and beneficial for the whole of the Marina Alta".

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  1. Luis says:

    Oysters ... another commission of experts. In this area you raise a stone and you get a commission of experts, an organization for whatever, a foundation for the other and all non-profit ... .. evidently ...... and much public subsidies ...... .these subject if They dominate it.

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