Goodbye to varicose veins without surgery and without stopping your daily life at Montgó Medical Clinic

03 March 2020 - 09: 12

How? With a simple treatment that will make you gain quality of life immediately: it is the sclerotherapy with microfoam. This technique also serves to eliminate telangiectasias (small and dilated blood vessels in the skin). Medical Clinic Montgó It explains what it is and what benefits it has. See how it works:

What exactly is this treatment?

It consists of injecting into the varicose veins a pharmacological solution that causes the diseased vein to collapse, heal and be eliminated. This treatment is suitable for any type of varicose vein and vascular spider.

Benefits of sclerotherapy with microfoam

  • By removing varicose veins circulation improves, because being sick veins, they no longer fulfill their function and the body does not need them.
  • It is a treatment painless, without surgery and without anesthesia.
  • It does not require medical leave, the patient makes absolutely normal life. In fact, the recovery is immediate: You can continue with your work and social life that same day.

If you want to start the good weather with a problem solved, contact the Medical Clinic It montgó Call 965 78 51 02 and ask for your appointment. Find them at Plaça de la Constitució, 2.

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  1. Vasculine Clinic says:

    Very good post on removing varicose veins without surgery!
    While it is true that we are concerned about its aesthetic appearance, the truth is that varicose veins can lead to diseases with various complications. Therefore, in https://clinicavasculine.es/ We consider it essential to go to experts. In addition, today we have procedures to remove varicose veins without surgery, such as microfoam, which offer a painless result, without anesthesia and without sick leave.

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