There are already 100.000 visitors to the Museu de la Mar

January 02 from 2020 - 14: 31

The Museu de la Mar has registered more than 100.000 visits since it opened in June 2019. To celebrate, the Councilor for Culture, Raúl García de la Reina, received this morning visitor number 100.000, the boy Hugo Fornali Boucheron, accompanied by his grandfather Pierre. García de la Reina has given them a gift: the book Denia Power and the sea in segle XI: The regne taifa dels Banu Mugahid and a reproduction of an XNUMXth century city map.

During the summer months the visits were around 20.000 per month, a figure that has made the director of the museum and municipal archaeologist, Josep A. Gisbert, affirm that the exhibition that currently fills this new exhibition space, Treasures of the Dénia Sea, “It must be one of the most visited in the Valencian Community”.

The influx of public during the following months has also remained at very high levels:

  • SEPTEMBER: 12.745
  • OCTOBER: 9.981
  • NOVEMBER: 7.670
  • DECEMBER: about 6.000

New exhibitors for spring

Gisbert also recalled that, in order to make the large collection of the Museu de la Mar available to the public, the goal is to change 20% of the collection twice a year and has advanced that by spring two new display cabinets are planned to expose a set of late-republican ceramics found on the Dianense coast and arms pieces, some of them from the frigate Guadalupe.

Likewise, we are already working on the design of future thematic exhibitions on the different fishing gear that are still used, documenting what is known about them from previous centuries. The first could arrive at the Museu de la Mar towards the autumn and would be dedicated to the longline.

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  1. May says:

    I visited the museum as a tourist with enthusiasm and desire but I was very sorry that the posters were all only in Valencian. I don't understand why two languages ​​can't live together, wouldn't it be more logical and inclusive to put the posters on both?
    I have been visiting Denia for 3 years but logically I will not return, neither to the museum nor to Denia. Not me sentí at ease in any of the cultural visits since in the castle more of the same. A shame because the people are wonderful and friendly and the city is beautiful, but I think that those in charge of culture have confused bilingualism with exclusion.
    I have traveled a lot and you almost always find the informative posters in museums and others in several languages, even in English. I recommend traveling to the councilor or culture councilor.