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The winning proposals for voting in the Participatory Budgets are already known

16 December 2019 - 15: 49

The voting phase of the Participatory Budgets has ended, and the winning proposals can be consulted in the next few days in participadenia.es. The commitment of the City Council of Dénia is to initiate or carry them out along 2020. This is a series of actions in each of the neighborhoods and a general city project, to which citizens have voted in the framework of this citizen participation initiative.

The voting phase has extended from the 2 to the December 16, and citizens have been able to choose the actions that seemed to them a priority for Dénia in general and for their specific neighborhoods, and that the city council will include in their budgets for the year that comes.

Before these votes there have been several phases: a phase of collecting ideas during the month of October, in which citizens were able to launch their proposals to improve Dénia, and then a phase of assessment by municipal technicians, who carried out a task of filtering all the proposals, according to feasibility criteria.

These are the winning proposals

  • In the city ​​projects, the creation of a picnic area.
  • En Paris-Camp Roig, planting trees in the area.
  • En Baix la Mar-Darrere del Castell, the most voted performance has been the paving of the streets Hort, Escullera, Marines and Alberto Sentí.
  • En Sea, the most voted has been the construction of sidewalks on the first kilometer of the road.
  • In the area It montgó, citizens have chosen to improve the Ginjoler Park.
  • En West-Camps, the most voted proposal has been the redevelopment of Portelles Street.
  • In les Roques, the largest number of votes has gone to the cleaning of the west side of the castle with the installation of a fence.
  • En Las Rotas, have opted for the construction of sidewalks and the placement of street lamps at the beginning of the road.
  • In the saltings, the most voted proposal has been to change the lighting to LED in the Chabás Park.
  • En Port center Only one proposal of the two existing ones could be voted, and the one that will be carried out will be the extension of sidewalks.
  • En Faroleta-Diana The same thing happened, there could only be one proposal, and it has been the rainwater mouths of Calpe Street.

Participatory Budgets in figures

The 3ª edition of the Participatory Budgets has been a record edition, both in number of proposals and in votes:

  • 232 proposals in total
  • 57 of them finalists
  • 3646 votes
  • 250.000 investment euros for 2020

It is expected that in the spring of next year the 4ª edition of the Participatory Budgets will be launched, a new opportunity to contribute ideas with a new voting period for these proposals. To have all the information, follow in Facebook a @participadenia, And in Instagram to the profile of the City Council of Dénia, denia_ajuntament.

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