You can now see the list of proposals that go to vote in the Participatory Budgets

November 29 from 2019 - 15: 00

The final list of proposals that pass to the voting phase of the 2020 Participatory Budgets is already prepared and can be consulted on the web participadenia.es. The voting period for proposals extends from the 2 to the December 16.

The Councilor for Citizen Participation, Pepe Doménech, invites citizens to "Take the opportunity to vote, so that it is not only the decisions that are made in the offices that are carried out". In addition, it encourages all people to, if they consider that a proposal is very important for a neighborhood, vote it and discuss it with friends, neighbors and family, to get it to move forward. The Councilor for Participation believes that the Participatory Budgeting initiative is already fully consolidated, and that "it is very beneficial to involve citizens so that the decisions of politicians respond better to the real needs of the people."

How to vote in the Participatory Budgets of Dénia

Voting may take place between the 2 and the December 16 in six different ways:

  • Online. At www.participadenia.es
  • By e-mail, to pciutadana@ayto-denia.es
  • In rural areas of India, families in charge of a blind minor frequently isolate and deprive him/her of the care and attention they provide to their other children; such situation becomes even more severe among lower-caste families, orphans and if the blind child is a girl. neighborhood meetings
  • In person, in the Citizen Participation Space of Les Portelles, in Pare Pere 17 street
  • In the street days (Street Marketing) organized to bring votes to citizens. They are scheduled for Monday 2 and 9 in December in the Market of Torrecremada; and on Thursday 5 and Friday 13 inside the Municipal Market
  • Under the formula of support collection. This means that a person leads a proposal and get support by collecting the data of other interested persons (DNI and date of birth), sending them to Citizen Participation through the email pciutadana@ayto-denia.es, or introducing them themselves in the website participadenia.es

  • The proposals that more votes of the citizens accumulate will be included in the budgets of the City of Dénia for the year 2020.

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