... And Halloween came to town

31 October 2012 - 00: 02

Until a few years ago, the arrival of the festival of All Saints meant for the youngest days of the fair, days of brand new winter clothes, eating cotton candy, chestnuts and churros ... but suddenly something changed: arrived from the United States, we were invaded by the celebration of Halloween.

Now everyone celebrates Halloween. The failures they organize parties; the discos, nights of terror, some individuals prepare private parties; In some schools, this tradition has been adopted and they allow their students to dress up on October 31 and we can even see children calling the bells of the house asking for candy.

Halloween? What is that?

The celebration of Halloween dating back to the end of the nineteenth century, when Irish immigrants introduced this tradition in the United States. On the night of December 31, Halloween or All Souls' Night, the smallest go door to door collecting candy shouting "Trick or Treating"And neighbors, dressed, fill them candy bags.

The houses are decorated with pumpkins, goblins, ghosts and demons and that night is interpreted as the largest union between the world of the living and the dead.

Halloween 2012 in Dénia

Supermarkets sell Halloween packs with chocolate in the form of pumpkins and graves, candies and sweets. Toy stores transform their windows with costumes and makeup accessories terrifying and blood is part of the drinks menu more than a pub.

The last weekend already started the celebrations in the city with Llunàtics party for children up to 12 years in which a hundred young people dressed for the occasion participated. Tonight there will be celebrations of terror in virtually every festeros casales, the center pubs are themed and many more tonight celebrate the carnival itself.

Halloween It has come and it seems that will not go away. And you, and you've decorated your pumpkin or would you rather continue to celebrate the traditional feast of All Saints?

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