XIX International Mostra de Dansa Folklòrica: Kirama Kergui

Event Date: 02 September 2010
Event type: Ballet
Site: La Vía Street
Opening times: 22: 00
Starters: Free
Event finished

The name of this group, Kirama KerguiWhich means "harmony at home" comes from the language wolof and is also the name of one of the most popular ethnic groups in Senegal. Kirama Kergui is presented as "the cheerful face of Africa, its culture, its music". His project aims to bring Africa to Europe spreading its folklore and traditions, sharing knowledge and experiences and promoting integration and solidarity.

Kergui Kirama components that come from different places Senegal, Gambia, France and other countries, have received their training in the most prestigious ballets of Senegal. The Kergui Kirama show includes music, dance, fire and stilts. Artists wear traditional costumes and repertoire offers a variety of rhythms "Dun dun ba"(Dance of the warriors),"Woloso dun"(Dance of slaves),"Nail"(Dance of happiness),"Libra"(Dance of the Kings),"Souk"(Dance of marriage), among others. In addition they provide a wide instrumental range: Djembe, sabar, dun dun, tama, maracas, cora y balafon, Among many others.

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