Ximo Puig, Leire Pajín and Adolfo Utor participate in the first summer gathering of the Fundació Baleària

Event Date: August 18st, 2017
Event type: Talk / conference
Site: Jauja Room
Opening times: 19: 00 hours
Starters: With invitation
Event finished

Foundation Baleària Has organized, next Friday 18 of August, the Summer Seminar 2017 Humanities, business and ODS. For it will have important names of the businessmen of Spain and Portugal like Mário Centeno, minister of Finances of Portugal; Leire Pajín, from the development area of ​​the Instituto de Salud Global de la Caixa; José Carlos Díez, Professor of Economics; Y Adolfo Utor, President of Baleària.

The event will be attended by the president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, who will close the day. The gathering will be held in the Jauja Port room at 19: 00 hours.

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  1. Luis says:

    Debating they can debate on whatever topic they want. But do not sell this event as a meeting of "gurus" saves systems. To begin with, what is Leire Pajin doing working for La Caixa and a UN consultant? If when she was plugged in, like everyone else, as Minister of Health she did absolutely nothing remarkable, like everyone else. Except to charge and wait for the change of government, like everyone else. And there you have it… .like everyone… .if this woman like so many others would look for work through the ordinary channel, she would be unemployed. Then we would see how his mouth would fill with the subject of Humanities, Business and whatever he wants… .. shameful!