The 'X Boat Show of Marina de Dénia' aims to bring the sea closer to its visitors

03 2017 April - 17: 28

At Marina and Resort Marina de Denia given the final touches for the celebration of "X Boat Show Denia"28 taking place from April to May 1. This show has the patronage of the City of Denia, Hotel Denia La Sella Golf, Sea World, the Marine Reserve of Cabo de San Antonio and Gibeller.

In its tenth year the event will host all developments in the marine industry, sports and a number of free activities aimed at visitors to carry a nautical experience.

During the presentation of this event, the director of Marina Dénia, Gabriel Martínez, said that "in 2014 we decided to give a change in the concept of living and adapt to the needs of the sector. He Dénia Boat Show Its core is three facets, all equally important. The first dedicated to attract children to the sea, with different activities. The second, dedicated to young people understand that not only are sailing boats, is the paddle surfing, rowing, canoeing, and everyone can access it. The third aspect is to care for exhibitors and generate business".

"The sea is part of our home, protect him"

This year the show will take the motto "The sea is part of our home, protect him"Supported the Ecomar Foundation, chaired by Olympic athlete, Theresa Zabell. The Foundation will carry out recycling workshops with children who sign and children arriving from the Fishermen's Association, which conducted an environmental activity.

One of the activities to be performed is the Drawing Contest, which will face its fourth edition. Have confirmed their participation eight schools, ie they will be more than 450 children who made a mural by class where I molded respect the environment. You will 4º aimed at schoolchildren, 5º and Primary 6º with the aim of encouraging youngsters to enter the marine world.

The exhibition of the drawings will be held at the 12 25 facebook April and 27 the winning works will be published. All participants will enjoy a catamaran from the Marine Reserve. Besides drawing contest, this year, the Association for the Study and Conservation of the Environment, will give two talks.

Prominence for water sports

During the days of living, different clubs installed in Denia Marina, carried out various activities; Baptisms rowing, canoe and paddle surf, Demonstrations Sup Yoga and Pilates surfing experience Children with simulators. Every day the Acuabús work, totally free, to schedule a 11 23 hours. Also you can visit the Maritime Rescue boat and the little ones will enjoy workshops, mats and games.

The navigator, Álex Pella, image of Marina Dénia, will offer a talk to tell us about his experience in the "Julio Verne Trophy"Saturday, April 29. Sunday April 30 canine fashion parade will be held by Mascotetes and Newfoundland dog show, with Marenostrum.

Maximum municipal support for the Boat Show

The Mayor of Dénia, Vicent GrimaltShowed municipal support to Boat Show and commented that "It is not easy to keep ten editions and Denia is very important as it falls within our philosophy of seasonality of tourism. And above all, the approach has to sustainability and education is the highlight of this event. If children are clear that they have to respect the sea, this room will meet 10 years".

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