X Festival Mascotetes in Marina de Dénia

Event Date: June 02, 2019
Event type: Other events
Site: Marina de Dénia Marina
Opening times: It is explained below
Starters: Free
Event finished

Next Sunday, 2 June, the Marina and Tourist Marina de Denia hosts a new edition of the Festival Mascotetes, which is ten years old.

  • 9: 00: Registration Royal Canine society
  • 10: 00: Royal Canine Society Contest
  • 11: 00: Workshops for children
  • 11: 00: Contest registration Mascotetes
  • 11: 30: Competition »The most amazing dog»

In this contest we want to know what skill your dog has. We will divide it into professionals and amateurs. There will only be one first place per category. Each participant will have two minutes to show the jury and the public what is best for them. We wait for the most amazing dogs of the Marina Alta.

  • 12: 30 Mascotetes Contest

-Farmful boy:

In this category will participate those dogs that are older than 8 years and their good care will be valued among other characteristics.

- Most fantastic female:

The most beautiful female will be valued, the best combed, the funniest ... you never know, you will have to try ... Our jury will vote, will it be yours?

-Mini challenge:
To the Dog / Owner More Glutton

-Macho plus Guayon:

To this category you can present all the male dogs that you want, you can value him for being the most handsome, the most orejón, the hairiest, the funniest, etc.

-Best protective dog:

To this category you can present all the adopted dogs that you want, you can value it for being the most salty, the most mischievous, the most timid, the most playful, etc.

-Best Dog X Festival Mascotetes (Win a bonus of 300 €)

To this category all the dogs that have participated in the previous categories can be presented, they will all enter the ring together and the winner of winners will take a bonus valued at 300 €

We have Prizes and Trophies for the 1, 2 and 3 of each category, except the challenge of the glutton and the cattle of the X Festival that will only get a First place.

Gifts for all participants of the X Mascotetes contest.

This contest has a cost of 5 € that will go destined to feeding for pets that will be distributed between the different protectors.

  • 13: 30: Paddle Surf with dogs. Come to know this sport so fun.
  • 14: 00: Royal Canine Society Awards Delivery


  • 17: 00: Come and try the Agility with your dog. (Nalacan)
  • 17: 00: Cat prize delivery (Stand Mascotetes)
  • 17: 00: Workshop: Educate your dog cool (Animal Diéresis)

    Educating our pets implies having basic knowledge about their Ethology and about the psychology of learning.

    In this talk we will learn the basics of positive education, we will know the most common mistakes when it comes to educating our dogs and we will learn some basic ethological concepts to better understand our furry ones.

  • 17: 30: Activity aimed at children (Iscana)

    Come with your little one because the association Iscana has a very cool activity that will teach the little ones how to interact with dogs in an optimal way.

  • 18: 30: Parade of adoption. Take me Home. We will raffle gifts live.
  • 19: 30: Agility Exhibition (Nalacan)

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