Coronavirus infections increase again in Dénia and the Marina Alta during the weekend

August 11 from 2020 - 11: 18

The Ministry of Health has just released the data registered of positives obtained with PCR tests in the last 3 days by municipalities. These confirm something that we already feared: the coronavirus continues to advance in the region. Now, the total of positives from the Dénia Health Department is still much lower than the average.

In total, 17 new cases of coronavirus have been registered in the Marina Alta during this weekend, distributed among the municipalities in this way: 13 new cases in Dénia, which already has 141 positives since March, a new positive in Calp, having registered 29 since the pandemic started, and Xàbia 3, which records for the first time since the alarm status ended.

  1. Sebastian says:

    Also surveillance on the walks of the
    Marineta walks around the fish market and in the
    Baleària walks from 7'30 to 9 most
    Of the people, some as they go smoking without a mask, others without smoking as well without
    Masks a 70 × 100 without mask or
    A shame with what we have in
    SPAIN we have to put solutions before. Let it be late

  2. Daisy Falagan Diaz says:

    There is in the area outside the town, where the beaches Msrinas, bovetes, ec ... People all without a mask, a little vigilance would be appreciated, they put it to enter a shop and THEN TO THE ELBOW. PLEASE, KA SURVEILLANCE. AND THEN TELL US HOW MANY SICK THERE ARE IN REAL NUMBER INFECTED.

  3. David says:

    So that we can know the "real" situation, is there a way that you can publish the cases of infections when it has recovered so that we know the active cases instead of just all the cases? I think this will help us understand the situation better.
    Thank you

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