ACIF volunteers stand up to COVID-19 at the castle gates

15 2020 April - 12: 51

The Agrupación Contra Forestal Fires of the Marina Alta, have carried out disinfection work this week in one of the most emblematic neighborhoods of Dénia: Les Roques. A brigade made up of 7 ACIF components with two light pumpers, vehicles that allow them access to the narrow slopes of the site.

It is a well-equipped and trained volunteer to combat COVID-19. "Apart from having the material and means, we also have several volunteers in the grouping of the card issued by the Ministry of Health to carry out these disinfection tasks with biocidal products", they affirm from ACIF Marina Alta.

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  1. Michael Berbüsse says:

    Although my personal opinion counts for little, I think that the only ones that would benefit from this would be the town hall and the catering and small businesses. Since the city council would allow more tables by restaurant and would collect the respective taxes from which the citizen to my knowledge does not benefit in any way. On the other hand, and although restaurants pay more taxes for having more working tables, they occupy almost the entire sidewalk and a large part of the road, which makes it difficult to travel as a pedestrian, such as a baby carriage or an elderly person. with reduced mobility and being able to enjoy the surroundings and the beauty of our streets. I think that changes should be focused on other parts of our city such as our port, since until not long ago it was the emblem next to the castle. To which I would give much more importance and focus. The avenue of the port in both directions due to its lack of lighting turns out to be a road taken from a horror movie, not to mention the reduced visibility generated by driving on this road at night. A cordial greeting.

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