Dénia Business Incubator presents focus360º, the first StartUp of the Marina Alta with the approval of NASA

11 June 2020 - 09: 44

Four years ago, three friends decided to solve a problem they faced daily as freelancers and entrepreneurs: the loss of time and resources generated by the daily management of their businesses. Today focus360º, implanted from its beginnings in the Dénia Business Incubator, is the first Startup of the Marina Alta, made up of a multidisciplinary team of professionals from different fields and with growth expectations that exceed 200% per year.

The platform currently offers a powerful management tool, the App focus360º, which in a simple and intuitive way centralizes -and alleviates- the main headaches of any entrepreneur: budgeting; project following; registration of working hours; expense control etc.

Thus, tedious tasks in which the entrepreneur can invest hours within an office, are solved in a matter of minutes via mobile phone, thanks to the integration of powerful solutions on the market (WhatsApp, Google Maps, Calendar, etc.). ) without leaving the App. Any freelance knows perfectly what is the direct consequence of optimized management of resources and time: increased performance, 24/7 and anywhere. Hence its success.

focus360º is much more than this App. In fact, the platform has worked on comprehensive and specific solutions for different types of companies at all levels. An example? The special mention obtained in the Space Apps Challenge 2019 for several of the specific challenges of NASA.

Fernando Chico, co-founder of the company along with Sergio Salort and José Cifre and, has been in the Nursery since practically its opening. This entrepreneur came from the food sector and has found in the Dénia Business Incubator the ideal place to expand Startup. "This is the best possible place to work, because of the facilities, because you can easily park, because of the surroundings, because of the views," says the businessman.

On how the idea came about, Chico details: “everything starts with something simple, one of the partners had a disease that made him unable to continue working in the gardening sector, which was what he liked, and he proposed me to create an App for make life easier for your colleagues by profession, but then we thought why only gardeners? Why not go further and look for a solution that can be adapted to more sectors and thus offer a personalized and individualized service to each client? ”

In these years of activity they have also participated in the Acceleration programs Lanzadera, Metxa and Bridge For Billions, and they are currently in Conector, where companies such as Glovo have come from. If something is missing in the Marina Alta, but believes that it could be achieved, it is much firmer and more determined institutional support for technology companies.

In this sense, the delegate of the Alicante Chamber in Dénia, Ángel Vives, explained that the Nursery "Was born with the vocation of helping entrepreneurs to start their businesses" and you have remembered that the doors "They are open to host all kinds of innovative initiatives", reason why it has encouraged entrepreneurs to go to the facilities, located at Calle L'Agret, 18, El Cortijo urbanization, to meet them.

In the case of focus360º, it is clear how a company can be launched from the Business Incubator that counts, among its partners, Partners and Advisors, people from Dénia and the Marina Alta, such as Arantxa Seguí or Adrián Devesa, but also Professionals from other territories and countries such as Joseph Morant, Ascensión Salmerón, Cristian Albano, José Peris, Richard Benjamins, Brian Farrel, David Tomás, Gema Aguiló, or Manuela Delgado, among other people.

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