Live a unique experience with the New Vichy Shower and Massage Technical Shi-Zen Thai Daniya Spa Denia

May 15 from 2017 - 09: 25

Relax in Spa Daniya and feel how your body and mind are relieved of stress and anxiety. It achieves a perfect state of well-being thanks to its treatments always and gets a unique experience with the new ones.

In Spa Daniya we find Silvia Moreno, one of the people in charge of the center. She details all the news that presents this space dedicated to make you feel good.

"In Spa Daniya there is a very complete circuit, integrated by underwater jets, turkish bath, swan necks, biothermal corridor, etc. During 90 minutes, you can enjoy the whole circuit and relieve your muscular contractures, lumbalgias, tendiritis, obtaining a result sedative and analgesic ", Explains the manager.

Vichy Shower

Silvia Moreno, informs us that before the arrival of summer we need to prepare our body so that when sunbathing, it can recover vitamins and vitality. That's why Spa Daniya has designed a novelty that you will love.

This is the Vichy Shower + Exfoliation. "This promotion will allow you to enjoy 60 minutes of relaxation, while purifying your skin", Explains Moreno.

In a cabin, equipped with a stretcher, you can notice how hot and cold water prepares your body, thanks to the jets of the Vichy Shower. Then, we proceed to exfoliate the skin, apply the wrap that your skin needs with organic products such as apple, chocolate, seaweed, wine therapy ... This treatment is perfect to reaffirm and rejuvenate your skin.

Then, you will clarify again with the Vichy Shower, causing you a unique sensation. A different experience to exfoliate your skin like never before. And all this, for only 60 €.

Shi-Zen Daniya Massage Thai Technique

At Spa Daniya, there are also times to fully relax and get carried away. The Shi-Zen Daniya Thai Massage will be an experience you will never forget.

Silvia explains that this type of massage is performed on the floor for 50 minutes. "It is exclusive to Daniya Spa and combines techniques of Shiatsu, It is a holistic therapy that respects the body, Says Moreno. Another benefit of this massage is to restore your health, channel energy and promote the self-healing capacity of the body, achieving a connection between body and mind.

If you would like more information about these treatments, contact Spa Daniya at 966428901.

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