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Visit friends, your partner and other customs that do not exempt you from the fine

14 2020 April - 11: 14

A month after the state of alarm was decreed, there are still neighbors who, due to ignorance or surrender, justify their presence on public roads after a police halt with useless accounts. No, visiting your partner, friends or family is not a strong enough reason to skip quarantine. If everyone kept this contact, prevention measures would be useless.

Even so, every day the complaints in Dénia are repeated to people who try to justify their departure abroad. All of them are fined.

Among the 42 people denounced yesterday by the Local Police and the National Police in Dénia, up to 7 tried to get rid of the sanction with any of these vague arguments. None getting it.

And not only the habits that have become harmful to everyone's health and one's pocket, but the traditional bad habits are more so than ever. Smoking is also not a sufficient excuse to get rid of a sanction, as yesterday they tried to convince a patrol. But even the purchase of tobacco is not a visa that allows you to move freely around the city. On another occasion yesterday, a person was sanctioned because he was going to buy from a tobacconist 4 kilometers from his home, justifying the agents that it was customary to go and buy the product there and that he did not want to lose it. What was said was sanctioned.

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