Dénia visit to learn about the operation of our stores

01 March 2012 - 00: 00

Dénia has been visited these days students of Master of Local Development and Innovation at the University of Alicante. They have known more about the operation of the historical and commercial center have known better developments and initiatives have been undertaken in recent years to encourage the sector.

The councilman of Commerce, Vicente CheletAnd the technician Trade, Marisa Villó, met with students to explain the main lines of the Commercial Action Plan (CAP), its conclusions and proposals, and work developed from the PAC and the operation of the office AFIC advice to entrepreneurs in the commercial sector.

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  1. Marta-to says:

    And they will have been stunned to see how the stores close, one after another, despite the PAC, AFIC and other acronyms ……………….