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Video concerts, downloadable content and much more culture on the agenda of the Alicante Provincial Council

17 2020 April - 10: 54

The Provincial Council of Alicante has prepared a broad cultural agenda for today and this weekend. Continue reading to find the readings and audiovisual content that is being generated in our province.

Cycle of video concerts: Classical Video Hub Adda-Simfònica

Today, Friday, April 17, at 22:00 p.m., the group ADDA Simfònica, through its usual social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), will offer the premiere Classical Video Hub.

The ADDA has started an activity through its social networks to publish premiere videos of its concerts, both live -recorded before the end of the face-to-face activity- and audiovisual production. Through pieces of Spanish and international music, they bring us closer to concepts such as resistance, empathy, strength or hope in the future. The content of this proposal makes a journey through aesthetics linked, in some way, to the critical current situation caused by the Covid-19.

Gravina Fine Arts Museum: #MUBAGdesdecasa

Also today Friday April 17, a new artistic challenge awaits all who want to participate by sending or sharing their creations on the proposed theme. In these moments, more than ever, the museum is made up of all of us and the Gravina Museum of Fine Arts wants to take advantage of this circumstance as an opportunity to bring the museum to homes.

Special programming of the Juan Gil-Albert Institute

Running until April 19 at 00:00. Cultural content will be available to users on Facebook and Twitter on the indicated days. A content, normally downloadable, is offered daily to enhance the bibliographic and documentary heritage of the Juan Gil-Albert Institute of Culture of Alicante, through its virtual library.

  • Today viernes 17, users will be able to download Redemption (Year III, No. 108), from April 5, 1923, an anarchist weekly that saw the light in Alcoy and was published from 1921 to 1923. Every Friday there is a tour of the press of the IAC's documentary collection, which will offer the public different copies of newspapers printed in the province.
  • El Saturday, April 18 will be posted on Facebook on video of the documentary of the Castle of Santa Bárbara in Alicante, from the Cinema Hall of the Institute of Alicante Studies, filmed in Super 8. The Cinema Hall filmed a series of documentaries entitled «Alicante Painters and Painters (1979-1983), as well as other works on the province's natural and historical heritage from Alicante, with tapes about Altea, Orihuela, the palm tree from Elche, the silk industry, the poplar from Elche, the Casal de Sant Jordi, the pa beneït, the Sempere Museum, the Benlliure Museum, the Modernist House-Museum of Novelda, the Archaeological Museum of Alicante, the Alcudia de Elche and the salt flats of Santa Pola.
  • El Sunday 19 the proposal will be the facsimile edition of The fascination of the unreal, the first book published by Juan Gil-Albert, whose first edition in 1927 was illustrated by Manuel Redondo. In general, on Sundays the latest publications of the Institute of Culture will be offered with the synopsis of the weekly recommendation and the possibility of downloading the cover from Facebook and Twitter.

Special programming at MARQ, Alicante Archaeological Museum

Ongoing cultural proposal until April 19 at 00:00.

Didactic workshops

  • Iberian coins: the little ones will know the importance that these objects have for archaeologists because they help to understand aspects of the economic life of the sites.
  • Iberian inscription: through this workshop, participants will get in contact with the writing of this town.
  • Trousseau of a Lady: an appointment to make a replica of this prestigious jewel.
  • Iberian basketry: the Iberians worked the esparto grass, and through this proposal the boys and girls will be able to make their own Iberian basket.

Posts and videos

The MARQ enters fully into the Prehistory room to discuss topics such as ways of life during prehistory, the evolution from the Paleolithic to the Neolithic and its impact on burials, without forgetting the most important sites in the province of Alicante, such as La Cova of the Fum.

If you want more information, go to MARQ official website.

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