Important victory to finish the first round of CFS Mar Dénia

January 11 from 2021 - 10: 47

First game of the year and hard displacement of the CFS Mar Dénia to Salou, not only because of the weather alerts and the current health situation, but also because of the importance of the points.

The two teams took to the court aware of what was at stake and it didn't take long for the first chances for both teams to arrive. In the second minute it was Juanjo who, after stealing the ball in the middle of the field, launched a quick counter and got the 2-0 for Mar Dénia, although the joy did not last long because a minute later, after a good attack, the local goalkeeper saved the The ball and a strong hit surprised a forward Sergi, scoring and getting 1-1 for the local team, Club Salou FS. And in minute 1 after an outside shot, he could not save the ball and it surpassed the line by a few centimeters, putting the 4-2 on the scoreboard.

The initial advantage had been lost in a minute and it was time to come back. The Dianense team, although with many inaccuracies, generated chances but without luck in the face of the goal and the minutes passed without a clear dominator and with many interruptions that did not benefit either team. The break was reached with the result of 2-1.

The second part was different, Mar Dénia came out convinced of his possibilities and put one more march in his game, which little by little was paying off, and in minute 24, Curro, shooting on the edge of the area, got the 2 -2 and in the same minute Jaume after a corner kick picked up a ball inside the area and scored 2-3.

The most difficult thing had been achieved and although in the 25th minute, Salou drew again, putting 3-3 on the scoreboard. The sensations were different and Mar Dénia arrived with much more danger to the rival area and as a result of this in the 29th minute it reached 3-4, after a quick counterattack with a final pass to the far post where Pablo and a local defender entered, who did not could prevent the goal from going up to the scoreboard.

The chances were continuous and they put both goalkeepers to the test again and again. In the 35th minute, it was 3-5 after a good counterattack that stopped the local goal in the first instance without being able to save the ball and Jaume launched himself with everything to finally score. The local coach quickly put the goalkeeper player on the court but, with a well-ordered defense and a lot of grit, the Dianense team reached the end of the game with the final score of 3-5.

Special mention to the debutant Jaume Todos Santos Sospedra, a player signed to make up for Alex Pla's loss due to injury, who made his debut with two goals and great sensations as a player and teammate.

Next week, CFS Mar Dénia will travel to Santa Coloma de Gramanet to face Industrias García "B" in what is the first match of the second round. The match is scheduled for Saturday 16/01/2021 at 18,00:XNUMX p.m. at the Pabellón de la Colina de Badalona (Barcelona).

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