Victory of Garbi Dénia on the track of BM Benidorm (30-32)

January 23 from 2019 - 00: 27

El Garbí Dénia secured its leadership in the 1ª Autonomic South group after winning in the complicated track of the pavilion "Foietes" of Benidorm to BM Benidorm by 30 to 32.

The meeting began with a local team very active in defense, with very aggressive actions that did not find disciplinary sanctions.

The premises were effective in their pitches and took very good minutes of superiority that had very severe penalties suffered by dianenses.

With this dynamic of play, the locals came to have a maximum income of 5 goals in several minutes of the first half. A defensive change by the Salanova team, which came to defend more strongly and adjusted its defense better, caused the local attacks to not find so many facilities for the launch. The break was reached with an 18 to 15 on the scoreboard.

The Garbí Dénia returned to the track with the clearest ideas and little by little it was reducing the advantage of the local team, but he ran into a first setback that was the expulsion of Emilio Landete for three exclusions. To this was added the injury of José Sánchez, a player who returned to the team after an injury that had kept him away from the courts since February of the 2018. The worst thing of all was that the coach-player himself, David Salanova was ejected for a direct red in a defensive action, which left the team without 3 vital players.

Three serious mishaps that did not make a dent in the mentality of the other players, who were clear that the shock had to be won whatever. With the contribution from the goal of goal Gabi, the team reacted and with good actions in attack, took a maximum income of five goals with two minutes remaining.

The dianenses knew that they had enough strength to manage their advantage very well, playing with longer attacks and this way the time went by. At the end of the match the scoreboard pointed an 30 to 32.

This Saturday, the team of David Salanova plays its last game of the first phase of the league. It will be in the municipal pavilion of Dénia, at 16 hours, in front of the CE Villa Blanca Altea.

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