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Vicente Navarro replaces Agustín Mossí at the head of the EMF Base Dénia

02 July 2020 - 15: 39

One of the great innovations that has taken place at the Escuela Municipal Fútbol Base Dénia has been the change in the direction of the same. Agustín Mossí said goodbye through a written statement on the same website of the School of his position as Director.

In this writing, Mossí commented, “I appreciate the treatment you have always given me during the five seasons in which I have been in charge of the school. It has been a pride for me to have had a great human group that has turned this place into a great family; coaches, delegates, fathers and mothers. Also the treatment I have always received from the city of Dénia ".

For his substitute, Mossí added that, "Vicente is a person of great value to me and I hope that from now on I can count on all your support and understanding so that I can carry out something as beautiful as it is, teach and educate your sons and daughters."

Vicente Navarro is not new to EMF Base Dénia, where he arrived five seasons ago, being the psychologist and coach at the same time. His goal is to continue with the work that has been done over the years, being convinced that educating and promoting a healthy lifestyle through football is the way for players to develop personally and acquire life skills , in addition to being the path that guides them towards sports excellence.

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