Vicent Grimalt believes that the Fallas should be suspended and await their celebration in 2021

23 2020 April - 19: 10

This week we have seen how the dianenses summer parties have fallen from the calendar. All of them opting for the definitive cancellation during 2020 and awaiting its celebration on its traditional date but in 2021.

However, the week of Fallas She was the first to fall victim to the pandemic at a time that, while largely unimproved, uncertainty and little information left the door open for a hopeful celebration a few months later. The main drawback was looking for a new gap between such a tight summer calendar, without daring to think that perhaps this whole agenda would end up canceled.

But what has been said, with each passing day it seems more difficult to celebrate the Fallas in 2020. Although the Fallas collective has not yet made any decision, the mayor during his weekly Facebook live has opined that they should be suspended and postponed to 2021. This, he insisted, has only been his opinion since it is a decision that only the falleros and falleras can take. "We will abide and do what the Fallas assembly establishes".

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