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Vicent Grimalt thanks the Dianenses for their involvement and solidarity

20 March 2020 - 16: 56

The Mayor of Dénia, Vicent Grimalt, has released a video on social networks where they thank the neighbors for their solidarity and acceptance of the measures. Although, on the other hand, he recognizes that there are still too many people who ignore it.

🗣️ Thank you for staying home. Gràcies per ajudar.📉 Every minute more to home supposes to contribute to stop the famous corba from which so much sentim parlar these dies: the rhythm of contagis is slow and the sanitarians have more temps and resources to fight against the pandemic.👉🏠 Ni ho dubtem, let's stay home .------------------------- 🗣️ Thanks for staying home. Thank you for helping.📉 Every minute more at home means helping to stop the famous curve that we hear so much about these days: the rate of contagion slows down and our toilets have more time and resources to fight the pandemic. Let's hesitate, let's stay home.

Published by Vicent Grimalt Boronat on Friday, March 20 of 2020

  1. this says:

    According to you, their recommendations are only for those who speak Valencian!
    We thank you all for your efforts in the general understanding!
    We'll get by in one way or another
    Thanks again for your efforts!

    • Joselito says:

      It must be that some natives like this Mr. Vicente have not been able to study any other language, neither Spanish (little used here) nor English nor German ...
      For the next elections, more educated people should be presented, at least linguistically, so that the foreigners of Castilla understand it.
      THANK YOU.

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