Vicent Ahuir reflected in his family the spirit of the festival of Moors and Christians

August 04 from 2013 - 12: 55

Parties Moors and Christians of Denia have already started. With the look set on the big week, which will begin the next 13 in August, both sides received the keys to the city from the mayor to start filling the streets with a party.

Responsible for giving the green light to the party was Vicent Ahuir, 2013 crier with a speech in which he described the party with five words: pride, work, friendship, joy and family. For Ahuir, the word that defines festeros is family, think of those who come after, small today that tomorrow will be the revelers. To illustrate, he was assisted by his wife, Ana Adela Pastor, Christian standard-bearer, and his son, who went up with him on stage.

After the opening speech, President of the AMMICC, Josele Maldonado, took the floor to ask the mayor the keys to the city that gave the captains, and took the opportunity to congratulate the captaincy for the work carried out throughout the year to advance its great year. He also appealed to the brotherhood with the Brotherhood of Sant Roc and Mayorales, and recalled the changes taking place in the party, including the application of Tourist Interest that have taken place in Consellería and the constitution of the Association of Moros is and Christians in Federation, with new statutes and regulations.

The first day of celebrations ended with a gala dinner in the Halls El Poblet, in which around 200 and festive revelers gathered to celebrate the start of the party. Joining them were the Councilor for Culture and Tourism, Pepa Font; President of the Brotherhood of Sant Roc, Vicente Caravaca; Mayoral Mayor, José Crespo; the president of the Local Board Fallera, Jaume Bertomeuand Sara Femenía, Faller Mayor of Dénia. Charanga Band Cachorras put music at night until the wee hours.

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  1. Antoni says:

    The event was good, as always. But for me, the crier, left much to be desired. I did not like. It was boring and people started talking past him. Atinen I hope better next time.

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