Truths and lies about "Operation Bikini"

22 2013 April - 00: 00

When spring comes, we start to see on TV and in magazines articles that promise miracles slimming, with immediately visible results. Do not be fooled by fantasiosos methods. Miracles do not exist!

To transform your silhouette healthily, you must rely on your will and discipline, some physical activity and good tips micronutrition.

In the field of nutrition, there are many tools that can help you. For example, applying the Rythmonutrition, based on respect of biological rhythms, very good results are obtained with specific products Rythmonutrition of Ysonut laboratories, Dynovance and Serovance range.

The best way to achieve your goal is to feel good from the first day, for this the Dra. Castelblanque will advise you on what your ideal weight.

Dr. Clinical. Castelblanque, we propose personalized diets (diets 1300 calories, calories 1500, etc), controls weight, fat measurement and body mass weekly or biweekly. On your first visit Dr. Castelblanque team advises you and tells you how to eat well and better, besides going to lose weight.

In Cynical Dr. Castelblanque supplement their diets with wide range of products Ysonut laboratories, sold exclusively through physicians.

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