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Advantages of QR code cards for your business: real cases carried out by Avantcem

11 June 2020 - 10: 08

In recent times, and with the entry into the new reality that will accompany us for months, Avantcem has been launched to facilitate the customer-trade relationship: The generation of hospitality cards with QR codes avoids direct contact and thus increases hygiene and safety. And this option is paying off: we show you some success stories that are already operating in well-known locations in the Marina Alta.

What benefits does a letter in QR bring you? The client does not have to touch any physical letter that later will be in contact with another long list of people. In this way, the risks of coronavirus transmission are minimized and a feeling of security and confidence is transmitted. The client only has to scan this code with his mobile to access all the dishes and services of the store. If it seems like a good solution for you, call Avantcem at 634 40 31 54 and we will inform you of all the details. We are in the Tenor Cortis 2B square, in the heart of Dénia.

Here you have various examples of clients who have already trusted us.

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