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Assessment before the governance pact. Juan Sancho: is "a poisoned pact"

02 June 2011 - 18: 09

Let's see. This government pact that made public the PP and CU on Tuesday night has left us many with a Feeling of amazement and total disbelief, As if to say that what we are seeing is not true.

A pact in which the PP (the big one) surrenders and kneels before CU (the small one). The PP (9 councilors) bend the knees and hand over the keys and power of the City Council to CU (2 councilors).

Esto It is not a natural covenant, Since the one that has less is the one that has more. Why?, What is behind this agreement?, Why such a rush to make it public when 10 days are still missing for the inauguration that will be the 11 day of June?

Why do they consider this option valid when they have not yet spoken with all the political groups? We, the PSD, have not yet addressed it, not even to ask what our point of view would be. The logical thing is that before making a decision they would have made a round of conversations with all the political groups, including the PSOE, and then take the most timely decision.

We are faced with a theoretically large party, national level, winner of an election, where Their council members will have to settle for second-ranking councilors, since all the most important will be in charge of CU.

Let's review CU will assume: Public Works-Urban Planning and Works and Projects, Tourism, Sports, Culture and Environment. All this for two councilmen. All of these councils are where contracts are handled, that is, the money, that is, the influences, and also the future General Plan of the city, deciding who to give and who to remove.

One can not then ask oneself who really commands here? Why this surrender of the PP? Or is there something else behind that we do not know?

By the way, I almost forgot, This pact has made the Mayoress behind the back of the Popular Party. Do the members of the PP think that the whole legislature of comparsas, without being able to open the mouth and in the second row ?.

All this will lead us to a very curious political situation in this city, and is that We will find a Town Hall governed at the same time by two mayors. One of them the official, and the other the real one, which will hold the command and impose its opinions.

  1. Citizen Queen says:

    The truth is that I am not surprised, because it was to be expected that this union of the conservative front, no matter how much the acronyms, want to situate it, in a nonexistent ideological center.

    We will return, to the times of the particular urban interests, initiated 12 years ago with Popular Miguel Ferrer as Mayor.

    And that they have had enough of accusing others, such as the mayor Juan Sancho, to pursue speculative interests in their municipal actions, vilely withdrawing from the pact for not being servile, their interests and intentions.

    Although, at least we can say that finally, «habemus PGOU». The one they want, of course.

    It is said that it is bad to have two cocks in the same henhouse, and I wonder if this covenant will not be breached, even before the 2 years agreed. Or perhaps they do not remember when in the 2007 CU was created by the disenchanted of the PP and supported by the collective of entrepreneurs and promoters ???

    How bad or how good, is short memory, although as I said, we have what we vote.

  2. the Virginian says:

    Mr. Sancho, it is a pact that nobody understands, one thing is that the political sign of the PP and CU is the same (Pepa divided the PP to be mayor, and supported by his monumental selfishness). So the reality is that you can not even see, how is it possible that Ana, who also carried out a fight to the death (supported by Ripoll) against Josele, who was about to create a schism in the Dianense PP? politicians who are totally confronted within the same margin of voters, who come together, instead of letting the rival be ostracized by the opposition's oblivion, and give him over to his rival half-municipality in return for nothing. What a bad smell!

  3. Jabugo says:

    Finalizing projects started and attributing initiatives from other political parties have been the basis of their electoral propaganda.
    Asphalting 4 streets and arranging 4 parks to wash the face to the city is no response to the sad situation that crosses Denia and the whole country.
    I debuted Mrs. Kringe's book that hung from my door in a few X hours, and I was worse than I was, thinking that it is not at all austere to use it as electoral propaganda (thanks for nothing).
    The current situation of crisis causes a change in the direction of the votes (for general discontent) from one party to another, moving sadly to the municipal elections.
    For the towns and cities of Spain you should not vote one color or another, but vote for the people with the best preparation and profile to represent the voice of a people.
    A covenant with the days counted (for the benefit of all Dianans).

  4. Arnau says:

    Mr. Sancho. The pact is the one that suits the CU and especially the PP. The CU will do the dirty work to Ana Kringe, who will smile, that if, to inaugurate all that the work of the councilmen of CU prepare.Los Other than the silly soup.
    You did the job to Mayoress Kringe and when the elections came they looked for an excuse to hit the kick. Greetings

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