71% of Santa Llúcia vaccinated despite the outbreak: María Catalá, first resident vaccinated

January 12 from 2021 - 18: 39

This afternoon, all residents and staff who tested negative for COVID-19 carried out at the center last week were vaccinated at the Santa Llúcia nursing home, as a result of a positive case of a worker of the center.

In total, 124 vaccines have been administered, 61 to residents and the rest to workers, which means that 71% of the center has already received the first dose of treatment against COVID-19.

The vaccine has yet to be administered to the 28 people who tested positive in PCR and those who are under study and whose diagnosis is yet to be confirmed.

From the Santa Llúcia residence it is reported that the health status of the people who tested positive is good. Until yesterday, the positive residents were confined to their respective rooms and as of today they are isolated in a complete wing on the first floor of the center. Following the established protocol, the workers who tested positive, as well as those under study, are confined to their homes.

  1. Mike august says:

    Isn't it a virus "unleashed" by definition? Primitive acts like distancing and face cloths are like a cat trying to catch a laser point. It's ridiculous and it will fail, as it failed for almost a year. But vaccines are bought and the middle class shrinks, taking away our freedoms. Mission accomplished, I guess.

  2. Carol says:

    There can be no POSITIVE between vaccinators and vaccinated.

    The pertinent tests must be carried out so that between these tests and the vaccines there is absolute security, that there are no positives and the steps must be followed to ensure that each vaccine is a success.

    The most important thing is not to go for the highest percentage, but to do it conscientiously
    And with the greatest security.

    It is very important not to have to go through a confinement again, because if we must get there it will mean that there is no control at the entrances and exits of DENIA and / or the region to which the only HOSPITAL available , asking for the extreme or necessary cases the tests that demonstrate that they are not POSITIVE.

    Each person is responsible for a hospital and no one can let die or stop caring for a RESIDENT because there are no respirators, for example ... consenting to care for those who have disobeyed, removing the positions of a RESIDENT, regardless of age , no matter how old you are, you have preference in any type of care, one that has not been responsible and has dared to leave your locality.

    If this is not done, it will be useless if we are confined 15,30 or 1000 days ...
    No POSITIVE can enter our town and those that are, isolated and controlled, until they stop being so.


    But the RESPONSIBILITY belongs to everyone:


    Of the RESPONSIBLE of the AYTO
    NOT ALLOWING anyone who is POSITIVE to enter, preventing this pandemic from spreading in our town until we are all emptied.

    At an individual level, masks, three if necessary, keep distances the greater the better and leave the house with the essentials:
    To eat, exercise ...

    Giving priority to the economy, letting those who come pass ... it will be the responsibility of the CITY COUNCIL and the people who work for them to avoid it.

    The individual responsibility is secondary bone later and at the same time the first is blamed I insist.

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