Urbanizarte full of artworks Dénia

27 June 2012 - 00: 04

Abandoned, dirty, forgotten facades ... many of them have been left behind in Dénia thanks to the Urbanizarte initiative, which last weekend filled six walls of the city with color and imagination thanks to the participation of artists from all over the country .

The initiative began within Multisecma, was executed by Walls groups (Ernesto Casero and Tania Blanco, Valencia), Generic Collective (Daniel Tomás Marquina, Pablo Colín Martínez and Javier Palacios Rodriguez, Valencia), and individual artists José Manuel Rodríguez (Orihuela, Alicante), lalone (Eduardo Luque, Malaga) and Mister Trazo (Mario Rodriguez, Cuenca).

Thanks to Urbanizarte, Dénia has another side, a more beautiful and diverse.

  1. Sendra says:

    It's a nice way to decorate certain areas that are fairly bland, the other day I met with the artist who was painting that is in Loreto Street and loved it gives a lot of color and life. Hopefully will do more for different areas of Dénia and even let you pintasen the facade of my building by paying the necessary boats.

    • txin says:

      It is not about decorating ... just ... but giving way to urban art, before the graffity of hideous signatures that we are used to. The people who have captured their art on our walls ... they are not decorators but artists ... most of them graduates in fine arts… ..and they would gladly paint more facades, but as people besides artists they dress and eat and their work, also artistic, has to be paid. Anyone can get in touch with them… ..but they have their quote and they charge for paint.