A loggerhead turtle returns to the sea wound recovered in Dénia Boat Show

29 2017 April - 12: 36

A copy of loggerhead turtle has returned Saturday morning at his home, the Mediterranean Sea, having spent time recovering in the Oceanogràfic of Valencia. And it has done under the X Boat Show DeniaWhich until Monday May 1 held at the Puerto Deportivo Marina de Denia.

The turtle was rescued and taken to Oceanogàfic of Valencia, where thanks to the recovery program of the Valencian ARCA got rehabilitated and getting ready to return to sea. Now, from the Generalitat you will be able to track this issue, which have placed a tracking chip.

Saturday, transoceanic sailor Álex Pella and Spanish sailor Theresa Zabell have been responsible for giving back to this issue of loggerhead sea view. They have done aboard the vessel monitoring Marine Reserve of Cabo de San Antonio under the watchful gaze of several families from a catamaran and free, they have attended loose in person.

El X Boat Show Dénia hosts for the weekend until Monday May 1 a host of activities for the whole family an exhibition of 13.000 square meters which brings together more than 100 70 boats and nautical companies.

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