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A meeting of friends in a home ends with 8 complaints

10 2020 April - 11: 35

There are still people who do not assume that they cannot see their friends for their own safety and that of others. Reluctant to telematic relationships, they risk it by skipping the alarm decree and, therefore, most of the time they end up with complaints of at least € 600.

Many try to make up an excuse, like going shopping without counting that the supermarket has already closed, before collapsing and admitting that they had come to see a friend. Others with the super open yes, point out when they stop in the car that the co-pilot accompanied the pilot to buy a carton of milk, which is not an excuse to skip confinement and entails a complaint to each one.

Others, more exaggerated, directly hold a celebration on high to "brag" that they are together while the others are confined. This case also occurred yesterday, when a neighbor complained about the nuisance caused by a house racket. Police officers verified that 4 people were inside, two of them friends of the two residents, residing in another home. The agents sanctioned the 4 for not complying with the decree of a state of alarm and, likewise, four acts of denunciation were filed for violation of citizen coexistence. An expensive meeting.

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