A controversial disqualification marked the Santíssima Sang Cycling Trophy in Dénia

13 July 2019 - 00: 44

La Calle Marques de Campo, main artery of the city of Dénia, was the magnificent stage for the dispute of the XLI Trofeo Santíssima Sang, which organizes the Club Ciclista Dénia.

The morning began with the cadet category test where a great test was lived in which the fight and the honor was present during the 45 kilometers of the route. The Alicante judges did a fine job as they watched the two escapees from the race distribute the prizes of the flying goals, very shamelessly. Remember that these prizes are in cash. In the last lap, his choice was to enter the hand at the same time per goal. A decision aimed at the distribution of cash prizes by classification on the podium.

The judges referees of the race took the decision before these facts to disqualify both cyclists, reason why the prizes were for the following ones in the classifications. The decision was much discussed by the directors of the two affected cyclists, who wielded sportsmanship in their defense. The judges did not swallow and explained that the disqualification was due to a lack of competitiveness.

After this first race so broken in the disciplinary plane, the rest of the tests were developed according to categories.

The final classifications in the careers of Schools were the following:

    Male Cadete

  • 1º Jaume Guardeño
  • 2º Xavier Solbes
  • 3º Marc Mestre
  • Female cadet

  • 1ª Pascalle Grauenkemp
  • 2ª Crisitna Succi
  • 3ª Neus Vazquez
  • Infant 2º Year Male

  • 1º Sergio Serrano
  • 2º Alejandro Ruiz
  • 3º Víctor Vaño
  • Children's 2º Year Women

  • Alejandra 1ª Bridge
  • 2ª Lucia Tomás
  • 3ª Laura Guardeño
  • Infant 1er Year Male

  • 1º Hugo Barreres
  • 2º Héctor Álvarez
  • 3º Antonio Ramírez
  • Infant 1er Year Women

  • 1ª Aida Rossato
  • 2ª Claudia Galiana
  • 3ª Raquel Pérez
  • Alevín 2º Year Male

  • Oscar 1º Orts
  • 2º Xavi Mestre
  • 3º J. Ramón Guijarro
  • Alevín 2º Year Women

  • 1ª Aitana Calabuig
  • 2ª Aroa Rodríguez
  • 3ª Laia Canet
  • Alevín 1er Male Year

  • 1º Marc Moncho
  • 2º Ausías Bridge
  • 3º Asier Fortea
  • Alevín 1er Feminine Year

  • 1ª Candela Cazorla
  • 2ª Paola Galiano
  • 3ª Adriana Soria
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