A pediatrician asks for help in obtaining protective medical supplies

19 March 2020 - 16: 23

We received the message from a doctor from the Hospital de Dénia requesting citizen collaboration. This pediatrician thanks in advance that people stay home and make reasonable use of emergencies. We're doing it! " With this positive message begins the doctor's call to join later a request that is spreading in recent days nationwide: the need for adequate protective equipment to prevent the spread of toilets by coronavirus.

"Every day we face contagion, with a shameful surgical mask. If someone has FPP2 masks ... send them to us ... thank you very much."

Healthcare personnel are appealing to help them obtain adequate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). FPP2 masks are so-called self-filtering. There are three levels of protection in this type of mask: FPP1, FPP2 and FPP3. The FFP2 protection level is recommended for healthcare personnel who come into contact with infected patients.

This request for material was already made a few days ago by the Central Government. Salvador Illa, Minister of Health, communicated the obligation that all persons or companies that have medical devices such as surgical masks, diagnostic kits, gloves, gowns, or hydro-alcoholic solution inform the administration.

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  1. chus says:

    Because what the Hospital de Dénia says about this information does not appear here, if you have something to say, of course. What a way to alarm